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Why style with a cowhide rug?

Cowhide rug australia

Why style with a cowhide rug?

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Interior floors are an important element in the final finishes of a room so why is it that a cowhide rug should be your next floor rug purchase?  I am a personal lover for styling with cowhide rugs as there is so much to be desired in natural cow skins.  One of the highlights of my job is heading off to my cowhide buying trips, where am surrounded with hundreds and hundreds of lush cowhides in all sorts of colours, patterns and sizes. That smell of the warehouse always reminds me of my first time, when I walked into a Gucci store in Italy. Oh the smell of high quality leather!  Or is it the smell of guaranteed authenticity, that plastic and fake faux will never be able to replicate.

“cowhide rugs complete…extraordinary living spaces”

Sleek, minimalistic and naturally stylish, cowhide rugs transform spaces in an instant. It does not matter what is your flavour of styling, glamour Manhattan living to Country style homestead to relaxed Bohemian design,  a cowhide rug unifies and completes all interiors into extraordinary living spaces.

Cowhide rugs are not designed unique by man, but rather are created unique by nature. Every cow rug is special just like you and me! I am a true believer that buying a cowhide rug is a personal thing as it expresses your personality that is emulated and shared throughout your home.

A solid dyed black cowhide expresses bold and contemporary while a soft grey cowhide rug expresses relaxed and calm. How would you define yourself? Traditional, bold or perhaps wild and free, what ever it may be, I am pretty sure that we have a cowhide rug that connects with you and your personality and liking!

As mentioned earlier, on my buying trips, I am surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of cowhide rugs. I spend hours on end personally selecting our cow rug range. Going through the skin by skin, colour by colour, pattern by pattern, for cow rugs that are not just beautiful but have softness, density and quality. There are many elements that I strive to find in my selection such as lustre, texture and colour tone to name just a few. But one thing that I love selecting is patterned cowhides. I love offering Cow skins that feature unique and remarkable markings and spots, that look like artwork on the floor. One-of-a-kind pieces offering natures best work of art complimented with easy care, durability and ambience, making eluxury home cowhides, like no other!

“cow skins are natural elements that become natures work of art “


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