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Sheepy Fashion Trends


Sheepy Fashion Trends

Posted On March 18, 2021 at 5:03 pm by / No Comments

The season is all about Sheepy Fashion Trends. Sheepskin rugs, sheepskin cushions, sheepskin throws and even sheepskin upholstered chairs. Though sheepskin all come from sheep, they all look and feel different, allowing stylish design and versatility.
The fashion houses have adorned their collection with sheepskins this season. From Chanel to Fendi to Gucci displaying the most luxurious shearling sheepskin textures, so let’s take a look closer look and add this luxury to your everyday living and have your home looking fabulously stylish and cosy this season.

So what is Shearling Sheepskin?


Shearling just means wool that has a short wool pile. Shearling can come naturally short or wool that has been deliberately been cut to create a shorter length. But what’s really trending right now on the catwalks and in-home décor is the curly wool shearling.
In my opinion …..Breathtaking! A beautiful tight curl that almost looks like a woven boucle but rather natural wool ant its best.
Though heavily used as collars, trims and for the internal lining of leather jackets and boots this humble sheepskin adds beautiful textural elements to the home.
Available in a great range of colours, the curly wool sheepskin will find its place in any style of home.
Check out the limited edition shearling bean bag by designer Emily Barbara for eluxury home. This is shearling has naturally dark brown spots making that will make a wow statement in an interior setting while elevating the seating comfort all year round.
shearling sheepskin bean bag spotted
Shearling cushions add soft textures to décor and look amazing styled on their own as an accent cushion or styled back with other textures such as leather, linen and knits.
shearling sheepskin cushion linen
Sit back and put your feet up in luxury comfort. Shearling sheepskin brings on the texture without the bulk creating sustainable design and living. At eluxury home, the shealing ottomans can be custom made to any size in an amazing range of fashion dyed colours.
shearling sheepskin ottoman

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