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Sheepskin Colour Book

Sheepskin Colour Book

It needs to be CELEBRATED that nature has provided us with the most beautiful sheepskin where each feature incredible wool texture and characteristics. At Eluxury Home we offer the largest collection of Australian made sheepskins rugs and sheepskin beanbags as well as fur rugs, cushions and fur blankets, all individually hand-crafted from our amazing sheepskin colour range, that are carefully and ethically sourced from all around the globe.

Our collection features beautiful natural tones to vibrant and pastel dyed colours, which we have grouped together to help you in your selection.

Keep in mind that at eluxury we offer customized design and custom made sheepskin rugs and custom made fur rugs, throws and bean bags to suit your decor and personal needs.

Wishing you touches of Luxury!

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fur beanbag cover rose pink


At eluxury home we call our fur rugs and fur bean bag ranges made from Mongolian Sheepskin as Mongolian Fur.  This beautiful and majestic sheepskin is deceiving and rather looks and feels like real fur, fluffy, silky soft and light weight.

Mongolian sheepskin is also known as Tibetan Lambskin, these are an Asian sheep farmed in the grazed pastures of Tibet, Mongolian & surrounding countries.

The wool of the Mongolian Sheepskin has an exquisite and refined long with irresistible softness, luster and silky feel texture. Mongolian sheepskin is extinguished by its unique curly & crimped texture that elevates charm, warmth & elegance where ever it is placed.

Our Mongolian Fur Collection is carefully sourced from natural by-product and from tanneries that use eco-friendly tanning practices resulting in lustrous and high quality sheepskin that enhance the beauty of our designs.

Available in a range of alluring colours, our range expands to blankets, bed runners and cushions.






Be enticed by the wonders and beauty of the Icelandic sheepskin! Amazing long and shaggy wool like no other, with a wool length reaching about 12cm long. Ethically sourced from farmed sheep of Iceland, these sheep are created to withstand the extremely cold climates with its super long and shaggy wool coat.

At eluxury home we mostly hand craft sheepskin rugs, bean bags and cushions from this beautiful natural texture. The Icelandic sheepskin creates exquisite shaggy rugs and shaggy bean bags that can not be duplicated by faux synthetics providing sustainable, natural and eco-friendly design.

Our choice of sheepskin are tanned in one of the best tanneries in Europe, tanned and regulated under strict EU environmental laws for the safety of the environment and humans.

Our large colour range offers eco-dyed sheepskin using plain and barissa dye techniques creating the most spectacular colours interior styling. The Icelandic sheepskin range also offers natural patterned sheepskin, preserving the natural colour tones and spots of the wool making each Icelandic remarkably unique, that no sheepskin are ever alike in markings. These characteristics allow the sheepskin rugs and bean bags that we make remarkably  unique.





large sheepskin throw rug – icelandic

If you are after a cozy feel with minimal fuss, then a short wool Icelandic sheepskin may be the sheepskin for you. You can still enjoy the lush and charming feel and tactile elements of natural wool with a more refined look as this short wool sheepskin has been shorn to an even wool pile of about 4cm.

The Icelandic sheep originates from the Glaciers of Iceland in extreme cold conditions making these rugs so cozy and warm during the winter without overheating the body during the summer. A beautiful sheepskin for all year round styling.

Lighter in weight, soft and airy, almost like cotton wool as the wool is not thick and dense like other sheepskins making this short wool sheepskin a style setter as a large sheepskin throw. At eluxury home, we also use this beautiful sheepskin for our sheepskin rugs, bean bags and cushions.

Available in a beautiful selection of colours from classic creams to different shades of grey sheepskin, that will compliment any style of decor from the classic to the contemporary.

Our collection of Icelandic sheepskin are processed through strict EU guidelines ensuring safer, sustainable and eco-friendly tanning practices ensuring that eluxury home provides the best quality sheepskin with minimal impact on the environment.





sheepskin bean bag grey minkThe first merino sheep was brought into Australia in 1797 with the Spanish settlers, and has become one of the finest wools on the international market. The Australian climate was more suitable for the merino sheep allowing Australia to produce irresistible wool making Australia the largest producer of the worlds merino wool.

Having the thickest wool density than any other sheep breed, offering super plush and super cozy comfort, it is no wonder why this sheepskin is our #1 selling sheepskin.

Merino sheepskin is easy care, great for the elderly and body pains but also they make incredible sheepskin rugs,  bean bags, and pet beds too. Though they may have a thick and charming wool pile, Merino is breathable, flame retardant, warm in the winter while cools the body in the summer. The incredible merino sheepskin molecular properties suits babies, the elderly, the entire family and pets too,  which is why we offer such a large range of styles and colours in our sheepskin rug and bean bag collection that will provide all year round comfort. Not forgetting that we also provide custom make.

At eluxury home our philosophy is ensuring the highest quality merino sheepskin that derive from natural by-product, safer tanning practices for a healthier, sustainable and cleaner environment and living spaces.


merino sheepskin dyed tip colour chart