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White Fur Rug – Mongolian Sheepskin 95*170cm

Product Code: MFR100085


Col: snow white

Dimensions: 95 x 170cm

Made in Australia



Elevate the luxury and ambiance to your décor with this white fur rug. Crafted from genuine Mongolian fur, this sheepskin rug looks and feels like real fur. Superior in softness, with an irresistible touch,  the fluffy long wool will be a focal element in any décor. Whether styling a nursery, or bedroom, this beautiful crimped fur drapes effortlessly while elegantly shuffles with movement creating the pinnacle of luxury that a décor requires. Hand crafted from for Mongolian sheepskins, and made in Australia by eluxury home, this white fur rug will be unique and like no other. The natural and organic curved edges of each fur rug is uniquely formed by each individual Mongolian sheepskin that is personally preselected and matched, therefore no two Mongolian sheepskins will ever be alike in shape, size, texture or wool pile.

At eluxury home we are makers of our fur rugs, therefore if your require a custom made to size rug, please do not hesitate to contact us.

colour: Snow white

Overall dimensions: 95 x 170cm

wool pile: up to 10cm

Made in Australia

Mongolian sheepskin is a very fine and light weight sheepskin, we highly recommend a non-slip grip at the time of installation.



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Our rugs are personally made for each individual order, please allow aprox 2 weeks for production. We ship world wide with express delivery. Insurance and tracking is included.

Vacuum on low setting

Give a gentle shake to fluff up the fleece,

Brushing this sheepskin is not recommended.

Gently wipe up any stains with a clean damp cloth without spreading stain further

Spot clean with clean water and damp cloth

Gentle wool soap may be used for spot cleaning only

Do not rub and do not be abbrasive to prevent knotting

Keep away from direct sunlight to protect from colour fading and fibre damage

Do not use or apply any detergents or chemical agents

Do not bleach

Do not wash Do not soak

Dry in shade only

Do not iron do not tumble dry do not apply heat

Do not store in damp and wet areas to prevent leather damage and deteriation

Loose fur fibres may occur – especially when items is new.

Professional dry clean only