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Australian Sheepskin Merino – Natural White

Product Code: MERH10044

Color: Natural White
Dimensions: 70 x 105cm

Add luxurious textures to your bedroom, nursery or living room flooring with this lush white sheepskin rug. White Merino Sheepskin wool is flame retardant, hyporallergenic, has warm and cooling properties, easy to clean as they repel dirt.




Natural White Sheepskin Rug

Dimensions: 70x105cm

Style your interior space with luxurious Natural White Australian sheepskin merino rug. Merino sheepskin is a world class natural fibre known for its thick and irresistible dense shaggy coat which is insulating, breathable and warm whilst adding beautiful textures to a bedroom, nursery or living room. ELuxury carefully sources the finest quality Merino sheepskins pelts which deliver supreme softness and luxurious comfort for the entire family to enjoy.

This natural white Sheepskin Rug is the most natural and original colour of the sheep wool, so a slight yellow undertone may be present as our Merino Sheepskins are processed through non toxic chemicals resulting in a more natural and eco-friendly sheepskins.

Any of the merino sheepskin Hides from our collection can be custom made into bed runners, throws and large sheepskin rugs. Please contact us for  further details

* Merino Sheepskin Rug single hide

* Premium quality sheepskin

* Thick and lusturous coats

* Natural by product – part of the food industry

* Eco friendly and certified

* easy to clean

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: *shake or vacuum on low setting *Spot Clean only with gentle wool wash * Do not Wash or soak* Do not use chemical agents * Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading

this is  a natural product so variation in colour, shape, size and wool is expected.



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*vacuum often *brush wool with wired dog brush *Spot Clean only with clean water or gentle wool wash * Do not Wash or soak to prevent shrinkage / damage to leather * Do not use chemical agents * Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading * Dry cleanable *Do not iron * Do not tumble dry * keep away from moist and damp areas to prevent leather damage * Do not apply heat * do not submerge into water