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Tiger Print Cowhide Rug – Snow Tiger

Product Code: CH100002

Color: Natural white & black
Size: 3.6sqm approximate



Tiger Print Cowhide Rug – Snow Tiger


This exotic Snow Tiger Print Cowhide is a luxurious way to add unique styling to your new space. A snow tiger species also known as a white tiger is a very rare wild tiger and is caused by a rare genetic mutation that forms the tigers white fur. This natural genetic disorder creates the most incredible looking tiger pattern and colouring.

At eluxury home, we believe in protecting our wild tigers and have created a collection of cowhide rugs of replica tiger prints through stencil printing onto natural white colour tones cowhide skins. This extraordinary black and white tiger rug with its endearing soft natural undertones and striking black contrast print create a magnificent animal skin rug. Whether your styling a walk in closet with a glamour look or styling a living room with crisp white walls, it is guaranteed that this tiger print cowhide rug will be a knockout in any décor.

Our cowhide rugs are personally selected by our design team and carefully sourced directly from Brazil to deliver the highest quality cow rugs that emulate luxury, softness and lustre.

DIMENSIONS: 2.0 x 2.2m
** dimensions are only approximate for size guide only.

* Natural white with black screen printing
* Genuine & premium quality cowhide
* Sourced from Brazil
* Natural variations between each hide
* Average rug size: 3.6sqm


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Care Instruction For Animal Print:

* Do not use detergents, solvents, abrasives, leather cleaners or suede cleaners.
* Do not dry clean or machine wash.
* Protect from direct sunlight and heat sources, both direct and through heating vents.
Avoid sharp objects.

To clean cowhides Rugs:

* Use only a white damp cloth that is colourfast.
* Vacuum regularly with the soft brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and grit, then wipe with a soft, colour-fast cloth dampened with plain water. This should be done as often as necessary or at least every 2-3 weeks.

Special Note: The salts and body oils which occur naturally in human skin can damage the surface of leather if left uncleaned for lengthy periods. In warm or humid weather it is important that cowhide be wiped over as often as weekly. Ensure non-colourfast clothing does not come into contact with light coloured cowhides. Always clean along with the hair.

Deterioration due to incorrect or inadequate maintenance cannot be considered a fault in the cowhide and claims due to this will not be entertained.

This leather is from genuine cattle hide. During its life the animal may have been in contact with barbed wire, bushes or the horns of other animals. These encounters may leave scars and scratches that have healed naturally. They do not detract from the wearing qualities of the skin, in fact they enhance its appearance as they are the proof marks of genuine cowhide product