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Sheepskin Rug Taupe – 160x210cm



Sheepskin Rug

Dimensions: 160x210cm

Colour: Taupe

Australian made









Enhance moods of graceful elegance evoking stylish design with this taupe sheepskin rug. Crafted from high-quality merino sheepskin enhancing relaxed luxury to formal and casual interiors. Featuring super plush and silky velvet wool pile, infusing modern comfort and traditional elegance. The warm taupe hues allow this luxury rug to suit all styles of interior landscapes.


Individually hand-crafted in Australia, the sexto rug, preserves the organic and natural curves of each merino sheepskin used, allowing each sheepskin rug to carry its own charming differences. Pure wool luxury and inherently harmonious, the merino sheepskin rug revels luster and superior softness, with a wool pile range between 5 to 7cm.


At eluxury home, we believe in sustainable design through the usage of nature’s finest textures. Our choice of merino sheepskin derives from either Australian or New Zealand natural by-product sheep with internationally certified eco-conscience and sustainable production practices.

Classed as one of the best wools in the world, merino sheepskin is breathable, cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, allowing an eluxury home sheepskin floor rugs to be a comfort pleaser all year round.


Floor Rug Features:

  • Australian Made
  • High-quality merino sheepskin
  • Sexto design
  • Overall dimensions: 160 x 210cm


The sheepskin rug may also be custom-made to other colours, shapes, and sizes, to suit your decor needs. Contact us directly for custom-made rug orders.


This is a natural product therefore variation in color tones, wool pile, texture, and shape will occur. Our choice of sheepskin is dyed with utmost care for the environment making the sheepskin rug an eco-dyed product. Eco dyed sheepskin has less resistance to the direct sunlight, therefore it is highly recommended not to expose the sheepskin rug to direct UV sunlight.



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