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Sheepskin Rug Sexto – Dark Linen

Product Code: MFR100204-1-1


Merino Sheepskin Rug

Colour: linen

Made in Australia

Available in colours

Eco-friendly & Natural by-products






Sexto Sheepskin Rug – Dark linen

Imagine relaxing into this linen beige sheepskin rug while you watch TV or just catching up on your social media. This merino rug features the highest quality natural wool that all our merino sheepskin rugs are known for.
With a distinguished dense long wool pile and alluring charm, this shaggy floor rug captures the beauty and elegance of sustainable living. Expertly crafted in Australia with furrier craftsmanship, our beautiful and timeless Australian sheepskin rugs are a contemporary classic that will complete and transform any style of décor into an inviting room of style and comfort.
The merino sheepskins used for this sheepskin rug, have been ethically and carefully sourced from eco-friendly and natural by-products. They have undergone strict and certified environmental tanning using healthier practices resulting in our sheepskins to emulate silky and softer wool emulating quality while increasing health benefits for you and your family. Our merino sheepskins boast thick and lush wool piles making our sheepskin rugs super plush under the foot. Inhabiting both warming and cooling properties with breathable and insulating characteristics, an eluxury merino sheepskin rug, is the perfect floor rug for all year round comfort. This exquisite, world class wool is available in other rug sizes as well as complimenting cushions.

Hand crafted in Australia, each sexto sheepskin rug design features a six merino sheepskin configuration, creating scalloped like edges formed by each individual merino hide used. Whether your styling a nursery or living room, this linen beige sheepskin rug is also available in a beautiful collection of classic and contemporary fashion colours.
Eluxury home’s designer, works closely with interior designers, stylists, architects and homeowners from all around the world, helping our customers with bespoke and custom made sheepskin rugs. Colour swatches of our Merino sheepskin range are available to help you or your clients with their project styling. Please send through your sample swatch order inquiry.
Sheepskin Floor rugs are a natural product. Each sheepskin that is used to create these rugs are unique and will vary in colour tone, wool pile, and texture . Variation is a natural characteristic of sheepskin that defines every merino rug to be unique.

Merino sheepskin rug features:

* Colour: dark linen
* Made in Australia
* Genuine merino sheepskins
* wool pile 5-8cm
* triple sheepskin rug design
* Natural by-product
* eco-tanned
* large colour selection
* Breathable & insulating properties
Due to the safer tanning practices; the sheepskin rugs must be protected from direct sunlight exposure to protect colour fading.


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Our rugs are personally made for each individual order, please allow aprox 2 weeks for production. We ship world wide with express delivery. Insurance and tracking is included.

•Light Vacuum Only

•spot clean only with warm water and gentle wool soap

•Allow to dry naturally in shade

•No cleaners or chemicals to be used Do not expose to direct sunlight to prevent colour fading

* Prevent excessive rubbing to prevent knotting / do not brush

* Non slip grip is recommended