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Sheepskin Rug – Grey Mist Quad

Product Code: MERR10068-2

dimensions: 110x200cm approx

col: grey mist

design: quad

Made in Australia


Natural by-product





Imagine lazing around after a long day or playing with your puppy in this thick and super lush mist grey sheepskin rug. Not only will this Australian sheepskin rug feel amazing but it will also look amazing in any bedroom or living room space. This enchanting merino rug features a natural white base complimented with grey mist dyed tips, creating depth and superb tone variation.

Our merino sheepskin rugs are sustainably and ethically sourced from natural by-products, resulting in beautiful quality sheepskins that are eco-friendly and that have not been processed through toxic and harsh chemicals which are damaging to both the environment and humans health. Eluxury home takes the greatest care in preserving the beauty of our world using natural by-product merino sheep. Further more our sheep rugs emulate quality, superior softness and lustre as we source for the finest merino sheepskins for the making of our sheepskin rugs.

Hand crafted in Australia by eluxury home, this mist grey sheepskin rug is crafted using four pre-selected singular,merino sheepskin hides forming an organic quad sheepskin rug. This floor rug will be unique as no two merino sheepskins are ever alike. With a thick, shaggy and long pile wool,  this irresistible shaggy floor rug will not only look inviting but also add charm, charcater and poise to your home. Our sheepskin floor rugs will be loved and enjoyed all year round.  Merino sheepskin is breathable and moisture absorbent,  having the ability to keep the body warm during the winter while cooling the body during the warmer seasons making this rug an all year pleaser of comfort!


design: quad sheepskin rug

dimensions: 110x200cm approx

Made in Australia


Natural by-product

premium quality

wool pile: 5 – 8cm

* Custom make to order – approx 1 week production

At eluxury we home are makers of our sheepskin rugs, therefore our sheep rugs are available in many other colours. If you require a specific colour, size, shape or large sheepskin rug, that is not available on our website. Please contact us with details so that we may provide you with a quote.

This mist grey sheepskin rug is a natural product therefore variation will occur in colour, shape, size and wool as no two sheepskins are ever alike. Variation is classed a natural characteristic of merino sheepskin.


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Aprox 2-7 days production time as item Custom made to order. We ship world wide with express Australia Post service.

*vacuum often *brush wool with wired dog brush *Spot Clean only with clean water or gentle wool wash * Do not Wash or soak to prevent shrinkage / damage to leather * Do not use chemical agents * Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading * Dry cleanable *Do not iron * Do not tumble dry * keep away from moist and damp areas to prevent leather damage * Do not apply heat * do not submerge into water