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Double Sheepskin Rugs – Merino

Product Code: MERR10062


dimensions: 70 x 200 – 210cm

Style your decor with a luxurious Merino SheepskinRunner rug hand crafted in Australia from the Finest of Merino Sheepskins. Available in a wide range of colours from vibrant fashion shades to more subdued natural hues to meet your decor and styling needs.





Style your floors with one of comfy Double Sheepskin Rugs. This merino sheepskin runner is available in a large collection of colours and will add the lush and cosy textures that you are looking for. At ELuxury we carefully source for the finest quality Merino sheepskins in order to deliver premium quality, lustrous wool and luxurious comfort.

This timeless sheepskin runner rug is hand crafted in Australia by eluxury home from two individiual merino sheepskin hides creating a beautiful and natural organic shaped edge formed by each merino sheepskin. It needs to be celebrated that sheepskin is a natural product and there are never two identical merino sheepskins making each merino sheepskin rug that we make unique.

At eluxury home we understand that finding the perfect colour may be daunting as colours may differ in each individual home. If you require samples prio to ordering, please let us know. A delivery fee may apply.

Double Sheepskin Rug

hand crafted from genuine merino sheepskins

dimensions: 70 x 210cm approx

thick wool pile – 5 to 7cm

Made in Australia

Premium quality

Natural by product – part of the food industry

eco-friendly tannage

Easy care

This merino sheepskin runner is a natural product, therefore variation in wool pile, texture size and shape are all classed as natural characteristics as no two merino sheepskns are ever alike.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: *shake or vacuum on low setting *Spot Clean only with gentle wool wash * Do not Wash or soak* Do not use chemical agents * Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading



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*vacuum often *brush wool with wired dog brush *Spot Clean only with clean water or gentle wool wash * Do not Wash or soak to prevent shrinkage / damage to leather * Do not use chemical agents * Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading * Dry cleanable *Do not iron * Do not tumble dry * keep away from moist and damp areas to prevent leather damage * Do not apply heat * do not submerge into water