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Reindeer Skin Rug

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Reindeer Hide

colour range: Light golden brown

Dimensions: 140x110cm

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Enhance your stylish everyday living with this divine light, golden brown Reindeer Skin Rug. This reindeer hide offers an irresistible dense fur coat with the most extraordinary soft golden brown tones with highlights of natural white and grey.  The charming reindeer skin will look ravishing styled as a reindeer fur throw over a chair, or as reindeer fur rug on the floor beside a bed or a fireplace.

Sourced from the heart of Scandinavia, like all eluxury home reindeer hides are a natural by-product to the Scandinavian Food industry.  The unique colour markings makes this golden reindeer a one-of-a-kind reindeer fur rug boasting with quality, individuality and charm. There will never be a  reindeer fur rug like this one, as no two reindeer hides are ever identical in colour tones or markings. At eluxury home, we take the time to carefully and personally select our reindeer skins, to offer a unique and rare collection of ethically sourced animal skins to transform interior spaces with natural and sustainable luxury.

Reindeer Skin Rug dimensions: 140x110cm
Colour Tone:  Golden brown with caramel

Reindeer Skins have a hollow fiber fur structure that may result in fur shedding. This is a natural characteristic and we highly recommend that a reindeer fur be styled in low traffic areas to minimize shedding.


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Care Instruction for Reindeer Skin Rug:
* Very low Vacuum setting only
* Warm water and gentle soap spot clean
* Allow drying naturally
* No cleaners or chemicals to be used