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Mongolian Sheepskin Throw – Hazelnut

Product Code: MONH100016

Col: hazelnut

Overall dimensions: 70 x 100cm approximate

* Genuine Mongolian Sheepskins

* strict Tannery guidelines

* Natural by-product



Imagine this delicious hazelnut Mongolian Sheepskin Throw draped over a sofa or bed adding touches of warmth and comfort to your everyday living.  Distinguished by an amazing  curly and crimped long wool, this  exquisite Mongolian sheepskin throw captures the beauty and elegance of sustainable and natural living.  Sourced from high quality Mongolian sheepskins, this fluffy and endearing sheepskin translates comfort into contemporary and classic interiors. Eluxury home,  Mongolian sheepskin rugs boast quality, superior softness and exquisite textures that all our sheepskin throws and rugs are known for.
Our  Mongolian sheepskins have been carefully sourced from sustainable and natural by-products. They have undergone strict and safer environmental tanning practices resulting in sheepskins that have not been processed through harsh and toxic chemicals.
Mongolian Sheepskin is a natural product. Each sheepskin throw that we carry will be unique and will vary in shape, size, colour tone, wool pile, and texture  to one another. Variation is a natural characteristic of Mongolian sheepskins.

* Colour: Hazelnut

* Dimensions: 70×100 cm (approximate with wool pile)
* Genuine Mongolian sheepskin rugs
* wool pile 5-10cm
* Natural by-product
* safer tanning processes
* large colour selection
* Natural by-products
Due to the safer tanning practices; the sheepskin rugs must be protected from direct sunlight exposure to protect colour fading.


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•Low setting Vacuum Only

•spot clean only with warm water and gentle wool soap

•Allow to dry naturally

* Do not wash

•No cleaners or chemicals to be used

*Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading

*Shedding is a natural characteristic of animal furs Mongolian sheepskin is a natural product therefore it needs to be celebrated that no two hides will be alike, variation in markings, size, shape, colour and texture are all natural characteristics.