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Merino Sheepskin Rug – Lilac




col: lilac

dimensions: 80x100cm / 31.5 x 40″

Add luxurious textures to your bedroom, nursery or living room flooring with premium quality Merino Sheepskin carefully sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Merino Sheepskin is flame retardant, hyporallergenic, has warm and cooling properties, easy to clean as they repel dirt.



This premium quality merino sheepskin rug is perfect decor accent to add extra cozzy comfort to a floor space or draped over a sofa or chair. The thick dense and plush wool of this lilac merino sheepskins adds additional comfort assisting in the relieving pressure caused from pro long sitting in office chairs and seated benches while bringing a pop of colour to your decor. This merino sheepskin rug is a beautiful natural texture to use for childrens play areas as well as for the elderly. Our merino sheepskin rugs are processed through eco-friendly processing with non toxic chemicals used making this sheepskin rug safer, healthier and softer for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. Available in a large selection of colours these comforting merino sheepskin rugs will keep one cooler in the summer while adding warmth in the cooler months.

* single merino sheepskin rug

* Premium quality merino Sheepskin

* Thick and lusturous coats

* Natural by product – part of the food industry

* Hypoallergenic product

* breathable and cool in the summer

* conducts heat – adds warmth to the winter

* natura by-product

* eco friendly – non toxic chemicals


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