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Large Icelandic Sheepskin Rug – Green Petrol – Sexto



Col: green petrol

Source: Icelandic sheepskin

Design:  sexto

Dimensions: 150x180cm approximate

Made in Australia





Large Shaggy Rug – Green

Create an eco-style decor, with this super lush green shaggy rug that will add warmth and charisma to an interior space.  Each long wool rug is individually hand-crafted by skilled artisans using the most beautiful and eco-friendly, large Icelandic sheepskin rugs. Our Icelandic sheepskins are carefully and ethically sourced from the glaciers of Iceland, capturing the natural beauty and characteristics featured in the Icelandic sheepskins extra long and shaggy wool pile that is required to create this sumptuous shaggy rug.


Synthetic as well as woven wool rugs can never duplicate the beauty of a genuine sheepskin wool rug, as the wool is preserved in its original form. Though the wool is dyed in a ravishing green petrol colour, these Icelandic sheepskins have been processed through safer and non-toxic chemicals under strict EU policies. These strict practices make an eluxury home sheepskin rug, safer, healthier and eco-friendly rug resulting in sheepskin area rugs that boast with quality, softness and individuality.


Each large Icelandic sheepskin rug features a captivating long and shaggy wool pile ranging between 5 to 15cm in length that will add distinguished textural and colour elements to an interior space. The sheepskin rugs are individually hand-crafted from six carefully preselected sheepskins, matched a patterned together to create this exquisite large sheepskin rug with approximate dimensions of 150x180cm.  Each sexto design rug features curved and scalloped outer edges formed by the natural and organic shape of each individual sheepskin used, making each Icelandic sheepskin rug a-one-of-a-kind piece.


Made in Australia by eluxury home’s artisans, each Icelandic sheepskin rug will be a work of art as no two green shaggy rugs will ever be identical. The Rug comes unlined with the stitching and the soft natural sheepskin leather exposed underneath.


Sheepskin is a natural product, therefore variation will be found in shape, size, colour tones, wool pile and wool texture. These differences are classed as natural characteristics of a sheepskin rug.



*Made in Australia

*Dimensions: 150x180cm approximate

* Design: natural shape
* source: Icelandic sheepskin
* Colour: green petrol
* Long wool pile up to 15cm
* Strict EU tannery guidelines
* Non toxic chemicals used
* Natural by-products – part of the food industry



If you require sample swatches prior to ordering of this shaggy rug, please send through your request.



At eluxury, we are the only skilled artisans in sheepskin rug design and craftsmanship in Australia that offers the quality, and extensive choice selection. Based in Sydney, we work closely, consulting one on one with home owners, architects and interior designers from all around the world, creating custom made rugs to suit their lifestyle and project needs.  Please contact us for more information for a bespoke and custom made rug.


This is a natural product, variation between sheepskin will occur. Variation in markings, colour tones, shape and wool pile are classified as natural characteristics of sheepskin rugs.

This is an eco-dyed product, and is high recommended not to expose this floor rug to direct sunlight to preserve the beautiful colour from fading, caused by the harsh rays of the sun.


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CARE INSTRUCTION FOR ICELANDING SHEEPSKIN RUGS: *shake often or vacuum on low setting *Spot Clean only with gentle wool wash * Do not Wash or Do not soak * Do not use chemical agents * Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading * Do not rub to prevent knotting *brush with a pet wire brush.

Do not Steam Clean – professional Dry Clean only
It needs to be celebrated that each Icelandic sheepskin is unique and different, therefore variation in size, colour, markings and texture will vary as to no Icelandics are ever alike. Dark colours may transfer onto lighter colours.