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Baby Photography Prop – Fur Blanket Mini

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Mongolian Fur Rug

Dimensions: irregular 45x50cm

Col: Assorted Colours


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Our mini fur blanket, baby photography props will transform the quality of your photographic styling.  Allow your camera to capture the most exquisite natural textures found in this endearing collection of fur props. Enhance the beauty and textural elements in your photography as these genuine Mongolian sheepskin feature the most exquisite silky and soft fluffy wool, with crimped and soft curls boasting with real fur qualities.


You will never style with faux fur again after you photograph with eluxury home Mongolian fur props, as it will add elegance, depth and dimension to your work. These stunning fur blanket and basket fillers are like  fabric than can be draped and folded and compliment beautifully with other raw textures such as wool, wood, cane and linens.


Available in a beautiful collection of colours;  grey, milk, blush, hazelnut and latte, and each piece is unlined and irregular in shape  and no two basket fillers will ever be identical in shape, size or wool pile. They average size of each fur prop is about  40 x 50cm at furthest points including the beautiful long wool that ranges up to 10cm in length


Carefully sourced from Mongolian sheepskin from ethically sourced and natural by-product, our curly fur blankets and fillers, make the perfect photography prop for babies & newborns.


  • Mongolian fur
  • Irregular shape : 45 x 50cm furthest points.
  • Wool length: up to 10cm
  • ethically sourced
  • natural by-product
  • unlined



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