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Merino Sheepskin Rug – Steel Grey Quad 110 x 200cm

Product Code: MERQ001


dimensions: 110x200cm approx

natural by-product

Made in Australia

Genuine merino sheepskins





Mix luxury and comfort into your decor with our steel, dark grey sheepskin rug.  Divine in softness, supreme in luxury and breath taking with comfort, this qaud sheepskin rug will be loved and enjoyed by all. Eluxury merino sheepskins are carefully and ethically sourced using sustainable and natural by-product resulting in the finest Australian Merino sheepskins rugs

This  fashion dyed steel dark grey sheepskin rug is made by eluxury home and hand crafted in Australia with artisan craftsmanship. Pre selecting using four individual merino sheepskins this beautiful sheepskin rug is created by the natural and organic shape of each individual merino sheepskin making every sheepskin rug that we make unique to one another. Thick in density, Plush in pile and soft like velvet, this sheepskin rug will elevate comfort and stylish design in any nursery, bedroom or living space.



dimensions: 110 x 200-210cm approximate

Showcased colour: Steel

design: Quad

genuine merino sheepskin rug

wool plie: 5-8cm

premium quality

made in Australia


natural by-product

easy care

Merino is a natural product therefore no two hides are alike, variation in colour, size, and shape can be expected. Fur Shedding is a natural characteristic of sheepskin hides.



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