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Cowhide Skin Rug – Dark Grey #33

Product Code: #33



dimensions: 2.3 x 2.25m

dark grey

High quality Brazilian Cowhide

Hypo allergenic




Dark Grey Cowhide Rug- #33

This rare and unique dark grey cow skin rug will complete a decor with a refined and contemporary new look, leaving a lasting impression.  With remarkable beauty and markings this grey cowhide will add poise, charm and stylish design to any bedroom or living room floor. Featuring light to charcoal grey tones with highlights of natural white this cowhide rug has not not been altered in any way. Preserving the cow skins beautiful colour tones and markings as well as its brandings ensuring the authenticity of a cowhide rug deriving from natural by-product cattle.


Like all eluxury home cowhide rugs, this cow skin has been individually selected, from  high quality and natural by-product Brazilian Cowhides. This floor rugs features individuality, carrying its very own unique and natural charming characteristics that faux rugs are unable to replicate. There will never be another cowhide rug like this one as no two cow hides are ever identical in markings and  colour tones as well as shape and size. This is a natural product, therefore natural flaws, markings and scars are all classed as natural characteristics when purchasing a genuine cowhide rug.


Our collection of cow skin rugs feature hypo-allergenic features while our quality is reflected in the sheen,  soft texture and natural beauty expressed in this cowhide rug.


Cowhide Rug features

  • Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.25m
  • Colour: Dark grey
  • Brazilian Cowhide
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • High quality



Information and Maintenance
•Vacuum only
•Warm water and soap spot clean
• Allow to dry naturally
•No cleaners or chemicals to be used


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Information and Maintenance
•Vacuum only
•Spot clean only with Warm water and gentle soap
• Allow to dry naturally
•No cleaners or chemical agents to be used
Do no steam clean or apply heat