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Black Fur Rug Runner – Mongolian

Product Code: MFR100136


dimensions: 60×160 – 170cm aprox

Style your flooring whilst your feet indulge in the luxury of Mongolian sheepskin

Made in Australia



Whether you’re in need of a black fur rug for bedroom flooring or wanting to add lush textures to your decor; this opulent fur runner rug will transform your space in an instant.
Made in Australia by eluxury home and crafted from high-quality Mongolian sheepskin, our fur rugs boast with quality, craftsmanship, and stylish design. Our Mongolian sheepskin rugs are distinguished for their irresistible softness and fur like qualities, as these Mongolian sheepskins rugs will look and feel like real fur.
The long, wool pile has a silky texture with a crimped to curly hair creating an elegant and luxurious fluffy fur rug. This double sheepskin rug features two Mongolian sheepskins skillfully crafted together to create a beautiful and cozy under-foot floor runner.
At eluxury, our Mongolian sheepskins are ethically sourced from natural by-products. The sheepskins have undergone safer and eco-friendlier tanning practices resulting in our Mongolian fur rugs to be healthier, safer and more beautiful.
Featured in black, this black fur rug is also available in a large selection of classic and contemporary colours. If you require a colour swatch prior to ordering your new fur rug, please contact us. It needs to be celebrated that no two Mongolian fur skins are the same. Variation in fur texture, length and colouring are all classified as natural characteristics in furs and sheepskins. Mongolian sheepskin is a lightweight sheepskin and therefore a non-slip grip is highly recommended at the time of installation.


  • COLOUR: black
  • Dimensions: 60 x 160 – 170cm approximate
  • Genuine Mongolian Fur Rug
  • Double sheepskin rug
  • Made in Australia
  • wool pile 5-10cm range
  • Natural by-products
  • safer tanning practises



This black fur rug is a natural product crafted from genuine sheepskins. Variation is size, shape, pile and texture is classed as “natural characteristics”. Though we take the upmost care in pre-matching our sheepskin rugs, it needs to be celebrated that no two mongolian sheepskins are ever exactly alike, making every Mongolian fur rug that we make unique and different to each other



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Our rugs are personally made for each individual order, please allow aprox 2 weeks for production. We ship world wide with express delivery. Insurance and tracking is included.

•Low setting Vacuum Only

•spot clean only with warm water and gentle wool soap

•Allow to dry naturally

* Do not wash

•No cleaners or chemicals to be used

*Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading

*Shedding is a natural characteristic of animal furs Mongolian sheepskin is a natural product therefore it needs to be celebrated that no two hides will be alike, variation in markings, size, shape, colour and texture are all natural characteristics. Non slip floor grip highly recommended