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Australian Sheepskin Merino Rug – Grey

Product Code: MERH10056

Merino Sheepskin Rug

Colour: Light Grey
Dimensions: 70*100cm




Whether you are looking for a grey Australian sheepskin merino rug to style a nursery or to add lush textures to a bedroom, an eluxury home Merino Sheepskin will be the perfect floor rug for those smaller spaces. This classic Australian sheepskin will add luxurious textures and supreme comfort for everyday living. Carefully and ethically sourced from natural by-products this light grey sheepskin will elevate the cosy comfort that the entire family will enjoy all year round.

Merino sheepskin boasts with an incredible molecular structure allowing this beautiful woollen fibre to insulate and keep the body warm during winter while cooling the body in the summer.

Styled as a sheepskin throw over a chair or draped over a seated bench will create a contemporary Scandinavian Feel that can complement soft pinks, charcoal greys as well as refreshing white tones

* Single hide pelt

* Premium quality merino Sheepskin

* Thick and lustrous coats

* Natural by-product – part of the food industry

* Hypoallergenic product

* Easy to clean



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