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Alpaca Fur Blanket


Alpaca wool throw blanket
Colour: Caramel & Natural white
Dimensions: 100x120cm



Imagine wrapping yourself in this divine alpaca fur blanket. The beautiful 100x120cm size will elegantly style your sofa or bedroom while allowing you to indulge in superior softness and super plush wool.
Made by Eluxuryhome and exquisitely crafted with traditional and timeless furrier-craftsmanship, this alpaca fur blanket is made from genuine alpaca wool skins preserving the natural beauty and mixture of colour tones of the alpaca furs used.
Our selection of Peruvian alpaca furs are from sustainable alpaca’s that have passed from natural causes. Boasting with softness and incredible properties, this alpaca blanket will provide five times more warmth than sheepskin while feeling lighter than many other furs due to its airy wool structure. Alpaca is also known to be hypoallergenic as it does not have lanolin, making this alpaca blanket a perfect luxury fur throw for allergen sufferers.
Made in Australia by Eluxury home, each alpaca wool blanket comes lined with a luxe velvet reverse completing the luxe look and feel of this alpaca blanket. At Eluxury we offer custom made to size in a range of patterns and colours. If you are looking for a specific colour or size, custom made fur blanket and/or matching pillows, please contact us and Eluxury home’s designer and furrier will offer you a one on one speciality service to help you with your needs.

Colour tone: Mixed caramel & Natural whites
Dimensions: 100 x 120cm


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How to take care of Alpaca fur blanket?

* Alpaca is a natural product.
* Wool shedding may occur  due to loose fibres caused during the production process
* Keep away from direct sunlight
* Spot clean stains with clean lukewarm water
* Professional dry clean only