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Short Wool & Shearling Sheepskin

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Add a touch of luxury and texture to your home with a short wool or shearling sheepskin. Minimalistic without the fuss and ultimate styling flexibility that can to be draped over any piece of furniture as a sheepskin throw or placed on the floor. Ranging from 18mm to 50mm wool pile, our sustainable sheepskin collection features a ray of colours and soft natural wool textures that will have you, your family and pets oozing in natural luxury!

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    Lambskin Rug – Green Emerald

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    Lambskin Rug – Green Moss 85cm

    $99.00 Add to cart

    Lambskin Rug – Pink Candy 85cm

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    Lambskin Rug – Tan 85cm

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    Merino Sheepskin – Dark Purple

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    Merino Sheepskin – Green Sage

    $169.00 Add to cart

    Merino Sheepskin – Grey Onyx 85cm

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    Merino Sheepskin – Natural Brown Double Shorn Shearling

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    Shearling Sheepskin – Blue Denim

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    Sheepskin Rug – Lavender Merino

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    Sheepskin Rug Gingerbread – Merino

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