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My Story

My Story


The Perfect Balance of Sustainable Designer Living 
using Nature’s Luxuries.

Moving to my rural property, nestled in a green valley surrounded by the most extraordinary range of colors, native parrots feeding on my hand, and wildlife freely roaming on my land, something inside of me ignited. I began to experience design beyond the concrete jungle of the big city that I was formed to and began to be submerged into the natural beauty of my surroundings.


My History

In my last year of design college at the Whitehouse Sydney, my final range was called second skin, a collection of leathers and wild animal fur prints. I always had a passion for animal prints, leathers, and furs as they just made me feel luxurious and ever so cozy and warm.

Moving on with over 20 years of experience in the fashion and interior design industry I worked as a designer and buyer for some of Australia’s largest fashion houses and retailers. It was not until I moved out of the hustle and bustle and reconnected with nature that eluxury home was born.

Natural Sustainability

I am not afraid to say it “I am not a lover of fake or faux and never was.”

In my view faux can never replace or imitate the natural beauty and properties of real fur, sheepskin, and leather. High-quality furs and natural wools arouse my emotions of luxury and comfort, which I desired to be surrounded by.

Using natures luxuries that derive from natural by-product animal skins by utilizing what nature has already provided for mankind’s foods source, not only supports a world wide farming industry that feed us, but also reduces wastage and synthetic production that effects the environment on a large scale. I choose to work with tanneries that work in reducing energy, water and chemical usage.

Animal skins offer charm and individuality with incredible characteristics that make them the most versatile, comforting and stylish textures to wear and to live with that have been used by man from the beginning of time.


“I had a vision for eluxury home,

organic natural textures and Australian made craftsmanship.“


Superior Quality for Modern Design.

Sourcing the globe from Australia to  Asia, from Africa to Europe the textures are breathtaking and extraordinarily different, and unique to one another. Cultures and climates allow for new and exciting natural textures that most of us would not be able to identify or recognize.  But not all feature high quality. High-quality farming, where the animals are treated with and tanning practices Translating the latest fashion trends and timeless classics with 100% natural textures while ensuring a home decor collection that will transform everyday living into a haven of everyday luxury and comfort with high-quality textures and sustainable design.

I paired up my years of design expertise, furrier craftsmanship, and nature’s luxurious textures and created my first collection of sheepskin rugs, fur cushions, and fur throws.

Australian Craftsmanship

Luxury is created when the best quality raw materials are transformed using skillful furrier and artisan techniques. It’s this combination that drove my vision for authentic textures, artistic design and traditional Australian craftsmanship.

By taking the classic furs and sheepskin used for centuries,  and creating innovative, sustainable and contemporary home decor, I strive to keep an Australian tradition alive by hand-making most of the eluxury home range in Australia.

I believe in supporting Australian businesses and Australian production therefore using Australian suppliers and manufacturers where possible. I am always striving to expand our Australian resources and materials by introducing eluxury home cushion collection fitted with Australian made zippers and feather inserts.


“Piece by piece, stitch by stitch my sheepskin rugs are created.

They stimulate the senses and dazzle interiors with its natural beauty.”


A World of Natural Luxury

From east to west and north to south our high quality leather, sheepskin and animal skins bring a home decor collection expressing natural luxury.

We pride ourselves in our expertise of design and craftsmanship, collaborating with leading  international tanneries and suppliers that carry the eluxury home mission of high quality and sustainability. Our strict selection of furs and animal skins inherit beauty, individuality and luxury that is translated into every living space that is styled with our cushions, floor rugs or any piece from our home decor range.