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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


At Eluxury Home, our philosophy is luxurious comfort and stylish design with animal skin decor without the compromise of sustainability. We aim to protect animal welfare by only using the by-products of the meat industry while sourcing for the best environmental practices to preserve the beauty and health of the world around us.


Ethical Sourcing

Many of our sheepskin, animal skin and leathers are sourced from various parts of the world starting from Australia and extending to parts of Africa, Europe to Northern Asia. Every continent, country and culture offers its own diverse natural textures and finishes that are not only beautiful but are unique featuring its own incredible characteristics.

Every animal skin product that is sourced by eluxury home is a natural by-product, ethically sourced as part of the food / meat industry. We do not source our materials from animals specifically bred just for their fleece, skin or fur. It is vitally important to us that these animal hides derive from animals bred for food.

Many of our sheepskin products are credited with high standards for their animal welfare and sustainably managed farms. Read more.


Luxury vs Sustainability

At eluxury home, we believe that sustainability does not need to be compromised for luxury. Our sustainable ranges allows you to enjoy the luxury and comfort in everyday living while ensuring future generations will be able to do the same. For us, it means taking the extra time and care at studying the processes behind many of our animal skin products to ensure cleaner and safer practices that not only protects the environment, but also the health of the workers and ultimately our customers too.


Building on Australia’s sheepskin heritage

At ELuxury we pride ourselves on taking the classic sheepskin from the past and creating contemporary designs for the future.

This connection to tradition and being home-grown is important to us. ELuxury Home is licensed by www.Australianmade.com.au and we proudly display the ‘Australian Made’ logo on many of our products, including our kangaroo skins, sheepskin bean bags and our sheepskin and fur cushions.


Use of non-domesticated species

In various parts of the world, the government allows hunting of a specific species for population control and for the protection of crops, livestock and safety.

These issues are rarely discussed in our cities, but rural and farming regions can suffer the effects of overpopulation by certain species. Population control offers a vast range of animal skins and furs that allow us to use these skins for our home decor range.

In Canada, for example, there’s a growing population of coyotes. This is resulting in an increase of attacks on farm animals and people as the coyotes migrate to the suburbs – similar to wild foxes in Australia and Europe.

In Australia, our farmers/hunters receive a small government subsidy to help control population of wild foxes to assist in the protection of crops and live stock. This also reduces the demand and animal welfare issues caused by caging foxes and other animals for it’s furs. Animals such as these that are recognized by governments as dangerous  allows eluxury home to use such skins and furs for our home decor rage ensuring that no animal was caged or bred for their skins.

In rural Africa, villagers continue to hunt common species of antelope and deers for food, as this has been part of the African culture for thousands of years.  Providing food for their families, the hunters will also sell their exotic skins to tanneries that feature the most remarkable animal skin rugs such as the blesbok, springbok and wilderbeest hides.

At eluxury home, we use source these exotic animal skins, from suppliers that use the best tanning practices in their regions.

It is important to us also to preserve as much of the wild animals of Africa which is why we have added a collection of animal print cowhide rugs with Leopard, zebra and giraffe print, stencil printed onto cowhide rugs to add an African wildlife touch.

Only by keeping and following to these important principles of sustainability can we continue to protect our environment enjoy the luxury, comfort and beauty that nature offers, not for today but for generations to come.