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Style Guide: Finding the Right Sheepskin Throw

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Style Guide: Finding the Right Sheepskin Throw

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Confused about which sheepskin throw you should go for?  Looking through magazines, love the look but have no idea what is the name of the sheepskin, let alone how it feels. Longwool, short wool, curly wool, fluffy wool, shaggy wool… What the heck there are so many?  So lets break this down and make your sheepskin throw purchase an easy breeze so that we can give your room the look you want and most of all let’s get you and your room looking comfy!

Before I begin, I should introduce myself! I am Emily, the creative director of ELuxury home, even more, simpler, I am the designer and buyer behind all the super lush sheepskins that are transformed into our sheepskin throws, bean bags and sheepskin rugs.

I play, touch and feel sheepskins all day every day, it what I do. Its what I love doing! They are lush, they are cuddly, and they not only allow me to ooze into their comfort on a daily basis but most importantly they bring comfort and charm to my customers!   So in a nutshell, you are getting some great tips directly from a designer as well as a specialist in the sheepskin industry.

So now that you know a little bit more about me, let’s get back to helping you find your sheepskin throw for your decor.

Without a doubt there is a lot of sheepskin breeds out there, so which one is which when they all differ in patterns, colours, texture and feel. All these differences depend upon one thing…the sheepie’s geographical background.

But this season, there are a few strong, sheep trendsetters out there, that you need to know about. So let me go through the leaders in the sheepskin throw look and help you find that perfect sheepskin throw for your next styling project.


Mongolian Sheepskin Throw

Oh, How I remember when I was introduced to my first Mongolian sheepskin. I could not believe that this was wool. “My goodness girl! this feels like fur not like wool.” And that is exactly how Mongolian wool feels like, like fur. If you are after a touch of luxe… gracious and elegance is what this sheepskin will bring as this sheepskin drapes like fabric while its wool falls effortlessly and shuffles with movement.

It’s divine and distinguished long and crimped curly hair like texture has adorable fluffy elements making it irresistible to touch. The best way I would describe the feel of our Mongolian fur is like curly hair washed with a boosted hair treatment. So soft and silky. Our Mongolian sheepskins have not been treated with harsh and toxic chemicals resulting in high-quality wool that boasts supreme softness. Mongolian Sheepskins derive from Tibet where they are farmed in extremely cold and icy conditions, though this wool is not thick and dense like traditional sheepskins do not be deceived for its incredible warming and charming characteristics.


Like I mentioned above our Mongolian sheepskin drape like fabric, are not thick and dense like traditional sheepskins and the wool is fine a shuffles with movement but in addition, they are on the smaller size as biologically they are not large sheep so they can look small if styled with larger furniture pieces. Mongolian sheepskin is elegantly petite so styled in nurseries and kids bedrooms make these rooms look cosy and inviting. In the living room draped over a small to standard size sofa, an ottoman or an armchair will unify colour pallets and add gorgeous tactile elements.



If your thinking of a sheepskin throw for chairs, make sure your dinning chairs have a low back so that this sheepskin has enough length to drape and hang over the back of your chairs. A standard Mongolian sheepskin without wool is only 90cm in length and that includes its little tail.

With my experience with tanneries, the Mongolian sheepskin does not come with spots or patterns like some other sheepskins. So if you are after something that has more variation in colour tone, there is the dyed tip Mongolian which will offer a two-tone. Our most popular is grey with a white tip. If you still want something with more depth, thickness or perhaps larger you may have to revert to another style of sheepskin throw, which we will get to down below.

The beautiful feature that our Mongolian sheepskins offer is that we can make them bigger. A little furrier magic, we hand-craft these beautiful single sheepskins together into larger sheepskin throws as fur bed throws and sofa throws. Check out our collection of larger Mongolian fur throws and blankets.

So lets break down the Mongolian Sheepskin in simple point form and look at the features of this beautiful sheepskin and come to learn if this sheepskin will make the perfect sheepskin throw for your décor.

      Features of the Mongolian Sheepskin

  • Super soft wool that feels like fur
  • Elegant and gracious looking sheepskin with luxe factor
  • Fine wool and skins – not thick and dense
  • Drapes like fabric
  • Fluffy and shuffles with movement
  • Block dyed colours –  may come with dyed tips
  • No variation in colour tones, markings or spots
  • Petite in size – smaller to other sheepskins on the market
  • Suitable for smaller pieces of furniture and low back dining chairs
  • Can be hand crafted into larger sheepskin throws



Icelandic Sheepskin Throw

So we had a look at the elegant Mongolian sheepskin so lets now go to the other side of the spectrum and look at a sheepskin that has a more casual appeal and not so refined. If you want to achieve a Scandinavian style room or perhaps something with a Bohemian feel an Icelandic sheepskin is most likely what you are looking for. Well, the Icelandic sheepskin does come from the glaciers of Iceland, so it is highly used in Scandi Home Designs.  A gorgeous and truly unique sheepskin distinguished by its incredibly long and shaggy wool pile. The Icelandic sheepskin is the must-have sheepskin throw, and I believe it’s because the Icelandic breed naturally offers so many different shades and colour tones and extraordinary natural markings, allowing this sheepskin to unify colour pallets and set an interior mood. From brown and black spot to mottled shades of greys, the natural colour tones that the Icelandic sheepskin offers is natures natural work of art. But let’s not ignore that this sheepskin also comes in solid dyed colours that will revamp a chair or seated bench in an instant.

Like I mentioned before this sheepskin has a long pile of wool, with an average wool length of 10 to 15cm in length – now that is a long shag!  I must also point out that the Icelandic sheepskin wool does have slightly courser wool than some of the other sheepskin wools on the market, but it sure does complement its shaggy appeal. Our Icelandic sheepskins boast the highest quality and are eco-tanned under strict EU regulations ensuring safe practices toward the environment, making our Icelandic sheepskin throws eco-friendly and sustainable products. Though these sheepskins are on the larger size with thicker woollen coats,  the skins are so soft and fine allowing our Icelandic sheepskins to drape effortlessly over chairs. If you are after a sheepskin throw for chairs, this is the sheepskin that I would recommend. On average an Icelandic sheepskin comes with full length up to 90cm plus its long wool pile, so an overall Icelandic sheepskin can measure anywhere between 100 – 125cm in length. This offers a great length to style this beauty as a sheepskin throw over seated benches and dining chairs. Its longer span, wider body width and bulkier wool pile allows this sheepskin throw to look fabulous on larger sofas and arm chairs and without a doubt, is a stunner of a sheepskin throw styled over leather and linen furnishings.


Merino Sheepskin Throw

Finally, Merino sheepskins provide a soft shaggy coat that is both luxurious and breathable. The long furs are dense and shaggy, providing ultimate comfort and relaxation in your home. They are easy to care for and hypoallergenic, as well as being flame-retardant. Merino sheepskin is easy to clean as it repels dirt. It is a world-class natural fibre known for its thick and irresistible soft coat which is cool in the summer and insulating in the winter. Merino sheepskins are typically large in size, making them a great floor rug. The shearling is typically produced by older sheep, allowing them to become dense and soft wool. Its density makes it great for warmer climates, but the merino is also the perfect option for warmer climates. This is due to its cooling properties which are made possible by its being a natural insulator.

At eluxury home we just don’t specialise in sheepskin throws, we also specialise in the craftsmanship and making of our own products in Australia. Crafting our high-quality sheepskins into luxurious home décor and furnishings, transforming homes into havens of comfort and stylish spaces for everyone to enjoy. We take pride in helping our customers find that perfect piece for their lifestyle and styling needs.

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