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Custom Made

Custom Made


It is through touch,

that we experience life’s rarest emotions.

Those thrilling moments that make us gasp with excitement.” 



Design with no limits


At eluxury home we are known for creating bespoke and custom made rugs and luxury home decor. We pride ourselves as one of Australia’s leaders in natural living and sustainable home decor holding onto the great, Australian heritage of Australian made craftsmanship ranging from designer sheepskin rugs to lush shaggy beanbags to fur cushions and throws.

With a large portfolio working with interior designers, architects and home owners from around the globe and expertise in bespoke design and unparalleled craftsmanship, Designer Emily Barbara works one on one with her clients to bring their inspirations to life with her custom design and custom made rug service.

With a large collection of colours and a library of premium quality sheepskins such as Australian merino, Icelandics and Mongolian sheepskins in our standard stock range, we also have access to global tanneries and suppliers of sheepskins and luxury furs, placing no limits to our designs or service. Contact us for further information as It would be a pleasure to be a part of your next design project.

Meet The Designer!

ELuxury Home’s customized design and make service ooze a lavish, indulgent sensuality offering the pinnacle of natural luxury.  Founder and Creative Director,  Emily Barbara specializes in creating beautifully tactile and visually stunning one-off pieces that capture her client’s sense of style and imagination. With no doubt, Emily is passionate with a unique talent that it is expressed through her fine detailing and craftsmanship.  With years of experience in the design industry, love for natural textures, and her eye for detail, Emily carefully sources the world for exotic animal skins to the finest of sheepskins and furs.



Design meets craftsmanship


Emily, absolutely thrives on bringing your fantasy furnishings to life – the frothy ebullience of a strawberry-milkshake colored sheepskin cushion made from the glacial fleeces of Iceland; the cool sophistication of a Merino rug in a hue reminiscent of a fine Merlot. 

With pattern design and meticulous craftsmanship skills under her belt, Emily’s pieces are individually a work of art, as she articulates the ultimate luxury and comfort into natural living and design.

To make things simple, Emily offers one-on-one consultation services with swatch requests, so you can get the exact tone you need for your colour scheme and a design that fits perfectly into the space its intended for.

So whether you’re a custom-made veteran or you have yet to experience what it’s like to own an exclusive piece that demonstrates your eye for quality, we invite you to get in touch and turn your décor daydreams into reality.

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