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Cashmere Luxury

Cashmere cushion

Cashmere Luxury

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Cashmere comes from the humble Cashmere Goat that produces undoubtedly divine and unique woollen fleece, making it a desirable and much loved natural fibre. Originally known as Kashmir, a region within India that borders with China and Pakistan.

A Cashmere goat has a two coated fleece meaning that it has an undercoat also known as downy a fine and soft fleece and then an outer coat which is longer and coarser known as guard hair. A separation process is required to remove the guard hair which covers the undercoat, this process is normally done by hand with a comb placing this soft fibre on the global market as a luxurious fibre at a higher price point than its other fellow sheep and goats.

This finer undercoat wool is remarkably lighter, softer and fluffier than other woollen fleeces but it is also three times more insulating than other wools, as it is the downy undercoat that provides the warmth for the cashmere goat, making Cashmere are perfect winter warmer without the bulk.

For centuries this natural fibre has been used in yarns for the knitting of jumpers and woven into the finest of fabrics. At ELuxury Home we love to sustain the natural and beautiful textures of sheepskins which is why I have created a collection using Cashmere Woollen skins. I like to describe cashmere not as hair but rather as fur, as our Cashmere does not feel like hair nor like wool, but rather they feel like fur that makes me just want to submerge into its supreme softness as it wraps around the body.

My new collection of Cashmere Fur will bring an element of simplicity and charm mixed with luxury as this fibre drapes over beds and sofas. The new lap throw is a perfect decor accessory for the lounge as it has been designed not only to be stylish and decorative but also as a warmer to cover the legs whilst watching TV. With matching cushions available, the new cashmere collection in pink rust, latte and Bordeaux will find its place in any interior space.

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