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Craftsmanship of a Fur Rug

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Craftsmanship of a Fur Rug

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A real fur rug is a luxurious masterpiece, crafted with care and precision by skilled artisans specializing in animal skin fur and sheepskin. Handcrafted from various animal pelts enriched with exquisite textures brings a touch of nature’s raw beauty to a floor rug and an interior project.


designer Emily Barbara curating a sheepskin ug

Showcasing intricate furrier detailing in a patchwork fashion, either in large pelts or small pieces is patterned, cut, and stitched together to create magnificent fur and sheepskin panels.


“Cut by cut, stitch by stitch, time, precision, and patience are required into creating these masterpieces.”


Depending upon the fur and animal skin, fur rugs can be stitched by hand or most commonly crafted together using special fur machines.


It is important to always ask the question, are the animal hides from a natural food source, also known as a natural by-product, as animals should never be bred or hunted

just for their beautiful furs.  Unfortunately, these practices do still exist in our modern times.


One of the greatest features of a fur rug is that no fur rug is ever exactly identical, allowing for the natural variations of each hide used to elevate the individual characteristics of a floor rug.

Variations in color tone, markings, and texture are what make each floor rug remarkably beautiful and special.


Designer Emily Barbara from eluxury home, specializes in the design, art, and craftsmanship of animal fur rugs. Ethically sourcing animal textures from around the globe from high quality and natural by-product skins.  Textures excite her using cozy and plush to sleek and minimal fur piles, all provide a charming and inviting feeling.

Whether it’s an alpaca rug, sheepskin rug, or Mongolian fur rug, and all animal furs and sheepskin in between, her rugs are not just floor rug coverings, but rather a work of art to make you feel at home.


Animal fur rugs are a true one-of-a-kind gem that deserves appreciation for their craftsmanship and the timeless beauty that will transform and make a statement in any room for many, many years.


With years of expertise as a furrier, her work translates well into traditional and modern interiors, capturing as well as embracing the textural element of each project that she creates.

For a custom-made fur rug, contact eluxury home, and experience the natural luxury, soothing charm, and irresistible comfort of a real fur rug!



animal fur rug by emily barbara
patchwork sheepskin rug created by Emily Barbara


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