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Sheepskin Rugs for luxury living

” When creating sheepskin rugs and animal skin home décor, I need to experience the luxury in all the textures that I use.  My choice of animal skins, furs, and leathers are carefully and ethically sourced from all around the globe to deliver applications that arouse the senses and transform interiors.  Whether it is  designer cushions, sheepskin bean bags, or the fur throws and fur rugs, these collections express the beauty of natures provided textures.” – Emily Barbara

sheepskin bean bags

A collection of Australian made sheepskin and boucle bean bag covers featuring the pinnacle of luxury fused together with comfort and stylish design. An addition of fur and fluffy bean bag textures in fabulous new colors, taking a contemporary approach on the classical favorites.


Sheepskin Cushions

Our new collection of luxurious sheepskin cushions has just arrived.

Entice your interiors with a new level of designer comfort and experience the luxury of our luxurious decorative cushions.
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The eluxury home collection of sheepskin, leather and fur cushions is the pinnacle of luxury, transforming interiors with sumptuous and decadent design. Our luxury cushions celebrates Australian design and furrier craftsmanship. Through the usage of natural textures and applications provides interiors with luxury home decor for sustainable and designer living.

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An Expression of Art in Sheepskin & Fur Home Decor

A celebration of Australian artistry and craftsmanship in luxury home decor using natures finest textures and luxuries.
Our collection has transfigured and redefined the feel and the look of bean bags, decorative cushions, and floor rugs, trasnforming bedrooms and living room interiors. Evoking sophisticated and modern design while creating a harmonious balance between luxury and superior comfort, be enticed by our luxury home decor and sheepskin & fur rugs.



Experience pure natural wool floor rugs in its most natural and organic form. Timeless and contemporary designs adorned in softness and extinguished beauty creating a collection of luxury floor rugs.

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